Ongoing formation program for the young catechists No. (3) Renewal Course

March 25, 2022

To upgrade our catechists in their social and pastoral knowledge for the better service in the Church, St. Luke’s college organized and provided a Renewal Course.  It started on 7th March and ended on 21st March 2022. (49) Catechists from Myitkyina, Bamaw and Lashio dioceses participated. Many of them arrived here on 6th March. They were all tested by our St. Luke’s College Covid Team right away. One out of fifty went back home after getting the Covid test result. The rest of them joyfully participated the course up to the end. The course was well organized and competed smoothly. It was a well preparation and a good cooperation of the academic dean, project dean, finance team, logistic team and all other college staffs.

The curriculum for the renewal course was designed by the academic dean and directors based on the evaluations of the past experiences and the current situations.

Currently there are 552 catechists working in the fields. We expect to provide them renewal courses every year.