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Want to have more meaning in your life? Do you want to do something that is satisfying and of great service to your and other community? Then become a volunteer in St. Luke’s College!

All volunteers must be able to spend a minimum of two weeks in Kachin State, Myanmar and pay their own travel fare.

If you wish to serve in St. Luke’s College or if you cannot volunteer but wish to support the program – please contact us at +95 2522087 or send email [email protected]



Make a donation!

Thank you for considering in making a donation to St. Luke’s college.

When you donate St. Luke’s college you are not just supporting our program, but you are a part of empowering community Socio-Pastoral leaders who are part of the war affected Kachin community.

We commit ourselves to use these donations responsibly. The intentions of benefactors are respected.

Donation Field

  1. Upgrade facilities
  2. Students Scholarship
  3. Teaching Equipment
  4. Learning Materials

Please contact to make donation

Tel: +95 074 2522087


Email: [email protected]