Debate Competition

July 24, 2017

Feast Day of Saints Joachim and Anna (Parents’ Day)

Debate Competition on the Parents’ Day

Customarily, we all celebrate the feast day of Saints Joachim and Anna as honoring and marks as a thanksgiving day for the Grandparents and Parents in the Diocese of Myitkyina. In this particular day, everybody gives appreciations to their Grandparents and Parents in many different forms such as giving gifts, offering mass intentions, singing and presenting songs and so on.

Rev. Fr. Leo Gopal, the Director of SLC, celebrated the Mass of feast day of Saints Joachim and Anna on Sunday 23th July, 2017, at 7: 30 am with the faithful—Edin and Emya Villages—around the College.

On that evening 7: 30 pm in front the Marian Grotto of SLC, the Debate Competitions in horning to the Parents’ Day was organized by SLC and collaborated with the Youth Committee of Edin and Emya. There was the ten prepared topics which is about the love, kindness, gratitude of parents for the debate. Aside from the Competitions, the Kachin cultural dances, songs, plays were presented.



The Students of SLC had the experiences of debating in front of the audience. It had enabled the students to improve the public speaking skills.

They confidently gained the awareness of how the public speaking works.

They expectedly was able to deliver the message taken from the Fourth Commandment of the Ten Commandment to the participants on the event night.


Song and Poem composing contest on honoring the Gratitude of Parents.

On July 24, 2017, St. Luke’s College also held song and poem composing contest as an honoring activity of our parents.

All the Students from the Four Groups—Mathew, Mark, Luke and John—joined the Singing Contests. The composing of poems in honoring gratitude of parents had held also in both written and oral. The composers of the poems recited their copies as they presented the messages of each poet.



The newly four parent songs were composed by the Students and Students of SLC had fun joining the Singing Contests in groups.

They learned something about how to work as in a team.

Students also improve their music skills and deepened love on one’s cultural literature as well as improve greater literature skills.


The extended activity of the Parents’ Day

On July 26, as it is a holiday in the Academic Calendar of St. Luke’s College’s every school year.

The Students of SLC led the ceremony of Parents’ Day in SLC Hall at 10 am on July 26th, 2017. They held a small program honoring and showing gratitude to the Director, Lectures and all the staff. All the students, lectures and staff had a big lunch (meal) together on that day.