Drama Competition

September 4, 2017

Drama Competition on Mary, the Mother of God (Luka 1: 26—56)

On the 4th September, 2017 (Monday), organized by the Extracurricular Activities Dean, the Students of St. Luke’s College (SLC) had held the drama competition on Mary, the Mother of God. The competition took place in the First Year Classroom which also serves as the Hall of St. Luke’s College (SLC) at 7: 30 PM. It was an extracurricular activities of SLC. During this competition, some of the faithful and youth came and enjoyed the dramas performed by students.

The Purposes of this competition were:

  • To fix our gaze on Mary, the Mother of God once again.
  • To study the bible passages about Mary, found in the Bible.
  • To learn about Mary through acting in the drama.

The drama was based on Lukens text 1: 26—56 and strengthened by several selected Bible verses. The competition was in group as we have four groups in total. The dramas was allowed to play between 10-15 minutes for one group.

Items for giving Marks

  1. Giving Message about Mary  – 15 Marks
  2. Acting skill – 20 Marks
  3. Dressing accordingly – 20 Marks
  4. dialogue and Voice tone – 20 Marks
  5. Creativity – 10 Marks
  6. Interest and support of audience – 05 Marks
  7. Participation of group members – 05 Marks
  8. Time bound – 05 Marks


The Students of SLC was encouraged to be able to fix our gaze on Mary, the Mother of God by having this activity.

The drama competition was expected to be serve as a reminder and eyes-opener to study, learn the bible passages about Mary, found in the Bible for the Students of SLC and the Audience.

They tried to give the messages learned from Mary, the Mother of God to the participants who were the young people from the College’s community and the Audience.

The Students enjoyed in the dramas and tried to imagine of being as the Disciples of Christ as Mary did through acting in the dramas.

Some groups had performed drama about in Kachin cultural and traditional way rather than exactly stated in the Bible. It has stimulated other students and the audience about creativity and enculturation.

Through this drama competition, student improved their interpersonal skills, capacity to work in group or team, time management and creative thinking.