Drug Awareness

August 12, 2017

Drugs Awareness training

Half day workshop on drugs awareness

This half day workshop was initiated by Fr.Leo, the Director and organized by Br. Doan, the Administrator of the St. Luke’s College and facilitated by Sr. Ashwena Apao, SSC and Fr. Eamon Sheridan and group.  This workshop was a capacity building training for the staff. In this workshop, 10 staff and 3 volunteer participated in total.

The Purpose of this workshop was:

  • To gain knowledge about drugs issues and consequences
  • To be able avoid use of drugs and to support preventing other from drugs usage

The workshop was conducted in two session. In the first session, Sr. Ashwena shared about the Basic concept of Drugs addiction, different types of drugs, nature and cycle of addition and treatment principles.

In the session, Fr. Eamon and group shared about 12 step recovery from addiction.

It was a very useful for all the participants as all are exposed to the context for drugs issues especially in Kachin State. From this workshop all the participants has gained drugs related issues, consequences and means of prevention and recovery.