Home Christmas in St. Luke’s College Campus

January 10, 2019

St. Luke’s College Staff and JRS staff conducted a Home Christmas program for Palana IDP youths on 15 December 2018 at St. Luke’s college campus. It was a great day and something new outdoor experience for the IDP youths participating in dancing, singing and different outdoor games in this Christmas Season.

St. Luke’s College students and the 52 Senior Catechists had a Home Christmas Celebration on 16 December 2018. Fr. Leo Gopal and Sara Nlam Gam Li from St. Luke’s College and Sara NHkum Naw Seng from Catechist Committee gave Christmas messages during the first part of the ceremony. “As we prepare external things, we must prepare our internal things for the baby Jesus Christ.” There was some vocalists’ show during the second part of the ceremony.

The celebration was done joyfully with singing, playing parcel game and giving gifts. The senior catechists and St. Luke’s college students came to know each other. The students were motivated by knowing how the senior catechists are working hard in the field.