Journeying together in accompanying peoples of God

March 10, 2021

On 2 February 2021 a round table sharing meeting was organized by St. Luke’s College staff. (16) religious Sisters, (4) Priests, (2) Religious Brothers and (1) Deacon from different congregations presented the meeting. The theme of the meeting was, “Journeying together in accompanying peoples of God.” The meeting started at 9:00 and completed at 12: 00 with a lunch.

Fr. Girish Santiago gave a keynote address in tears on his face being aware of the current political situation in the country. Then representatives from each congregation presented their current situation one after another. Mostly the affects of Covid-19, their current activities, challenges, difficulties, happiness and stressfulness were described vividly in their sharing. It was a very important and helpful meeting. They gained being accompaniment each other, strengthen in faith and unity among the religious communities.