October Field Trip

October 1, 2017

Socio-Pastoral experience with IDP camps and different villages


In this academic Year in October, students got opportunity to spend two weeks with the different communities as a pastoral experience. They were sent in groups to some IDP camps and different villages where priests can occasionally reach to the community. Every group have performed different activities. They organized youth, children and taught them Catechism, gospel songs. In the villages, they stayed with people, visited to their homes, listen to them and prayed for them. They also helped the Catechists in their daily ministry works such as home based prayer service, rosary prayer and facilitated Sunday liturgical celebrations, practicing hymns with faithful community and many other activities.


List of Parish, Villages and IDP Camps visited by the Students

Diocese NameParish NameNo.Village NameNo.IDP Camps/other Centre
MyitkyinaMyitkyina1Jan mai Kawng1Jan Mai Kawng IDP Camp
2Rehabilitation Centre for Drugs users
3Nawng IDP Camps
MyitkyinaShatapru4Palana Camp
MyitkyinaShadau2Lawu Maw Hpawng
3Ah Ke
5Lahta Maw Hpawng
MyitkyinaKamaing6Seng hpra
7Kap Maw
8Nam ya
9Loi Seng
11Loi nawng Hku
MyitkyinaWai Maw12Labang kahtawng5Maina IDP Camp
13Rawang kahtawng
14Nawng Hking
15Sai Law
16Hkang yang
19Nam Hkam
20Pin Malut
MyitkyinaMoe Gawng21Moe Gawng
22Sar Maw
23Nam Sheng
24Sa baw
25Nawng Pong
26Myo Hawng
27Loi Li Yang
28Phyon Tung Lung
MyitkyinaMoe nyin29Moe nyin
31Lung Tung
32Nan Si Awng
33He Lung
34Mai Nawng
35Bi Lu
MyitkyinaSumpra Bum36Hka Karan Yang
37Mai Htawng
MyitkyinaN Jang Yang38N Jang Yang
39Nlawt Yang
MyitkyinaTang Hpre40Hkan Bu
41zup Hka
43Gwi htau
447 miles
45La Wa Yang
46Daru Hka
MyitkyinaShing Bwi Yang47Shing Bwi Yang
Banmaw Laiza6Je Yang IDP Camp


One of the most agonizing phenomenon of Kachin is the IDP camps. Some of our students come from this camps.  Other students were exposed to this human suffering.  For two weeks they were placed for pastoral experience. They were helpful in pastoral visits.  They were teaching catechism to youth, children, facilitating payer services. This on the job experience helped them to gain confidence and also an eagerness to learn new subjects like trauma counselling.  Accompanying the Catechist was a great learning experience.  Students experienced the daily life of a catechist as a grass root community faith leader, understood the needed skills and capacity to be a good community faith leader. They learned many things from the community, inspired by some catechists who have strong commitment and dedication in their ministry work. Being with the faithful community enabled students to understand the struggle and suffering community more clearer picture. This has imposed them to study more and to improve their skills in order to support and comfort community more effectively. Being at New Life Rehabilitation center for two weeks was also a great experience for them. Students gained much awareness on how serious drugs problem was, how the church is responding to this issues and how to involve in countering drugs issues.

Faithful Communities in different parishes, villages and IDP camps really delighted to receive students and cheerfully welcomed the students. It has boosted students’ pastoral spirits in large quantities. Some of the faithful even appealed to have more pastoral exposure trip. Students’ exposure trip has also served a greater help to the parish priests, catechists for their ministry work.


Activities photo of Students in IDP Camps


Prayers, Bible Sharing, Rosary and Sunday prayer services


Sharing, group discussion, bible teaching