Our Home Christmas

January 20, 2024

Home Christmas for St. Luke’s College staff and students took place in the portico area of newly built building on 15 December 2023. The program started with a short opening prayer at 4:30 in the afternoon. Fr. Amal gave a short, lovely touching Christmas message. It was about how to welcome Jesus Baby like a kindergarten child. Students presented their short plays in groups. Singing and dancing continued till the end of the program. Extracurricular dean, Sayama Hkawn Ra led a parcel game. She made sure that all the participants enjoy the time and receive Christmas gifts. It was also a relaxation for students who volunteered several days, preparation for new main building opening ceremony. Fr. Bernard, the director of the College gave a short thanksgiving and remanding talk to the students who are going home for Christmas holidays the next day. All the students and staff enjoyed till 9:00 o’clock at night.