Psycho Spiritual Accompaniment of People in IDP Camps 12 – 30 October 2018

January 10, 2019

St. Luke’s College students began their trip in small groups to their assigned IDP Camps on 12 and completed their tasks on 30 October 2018. As they prepared well, they had very remarkable performances in the fields. Teaching catechism with beautiful Gospel songs and dance to the children and adults, helping the people at their daily chores, conducting short seminars and participating in every prayer meeting as catechists were what they experienced in the camps.

I do not understand why God has forsaken us!

During a visit to one of the families in the camp, St. Luke’s College students noted an old

lady’s expression, “It has been seven years I am in this camp and going to be eight years soon. No one knows or predicts about when we would go home. I am going to die here. I have no more tear for losing my properties; land, house, farm and everything. I do not understand why God has forsaken us. I just want to go home before I die.”