January 3, 2023


St. Luke’s College English Centre celebrated home Christmas on 18, December. The celebration was simple and short yet encouraging and meaningful because all programs were organized by the students including meals and refreshment. It was a special moment for each student because every student actively participated in all the merry-making activities such as singing, performing, making quizzes, playing games, and having lunch. The event truly created lovely memories. Besides, Students shared their love and kindness by cooking in small groups, and shared the dishes they prepared with the guests and teachers. This year’s Christmas gatherings improved relationships among students and teachers. Moreover, all students experienced a variety of ways of sharing and caring through this Christmas activity.

Currently there are 42 students studying at St. Luke’s College English Centre and classes are divided into four different levels: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate. Classes are continuously going on and next enrollment for new comers is on 16 January 2023.